Oliver Johnson

Certified Business & Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer

Welcome to the world of transformative coaching and impactful speaking with Oliver Johnson.

About Oliver

Oliver Johnson, a certified business and life coach, has a rich tapestry of experience that makes him a unique force in the realms of business and personal development. His journey began with founding and running his own business for 13 years, a venture that culminated in a successful acquisition. Transitioning to the corporate world, Oliver worked at an executive level, gaining insights into the dynamics of large-scale business operations.

In the last two years, Oliver has channeled his expertise into coaching, where he has been instrumental in mentoring small to medium-sized businesses. His approach is rooted in the belief that nurturing individuals is key to creating thriving businesses. Oliver’s conviction is that personal growth and development are the catalysts for business success.

Coaching Philosophy

“At the heart of my coaching philosophy lies the conviction that nurturing the individual is the cornerstone of building a thriving business. A successful business is the byproduct of the personal growth and development of those who power it.”

Keynote Speaking and Sales Training

A dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, Oliver currently focuses on the integration of AI and ChatGPT in business environments. His expertise in sales is encapsulated in his renowned ‘Space Academy Program,’ which simplifies sales processes and enhances team performance.

Personal Interests

As a former Royal Engineer, Oliver values health, fitness, and personal wellbeing, recognizing them as essential components of both professional success and personal satisfaction.

Get in Touch

Oliver is available for coaching, keynote speaking, and sales training sessions. To learn more or to schedule a session, you can reach him at:

Oliver looks forward to partnering with you on your journey towards personal and business excellence