Business Coaching

Business coaching is an educational process that significantly enhances the economic achievement of individuals.

Why Business Coaching?

Business coaching concentrates on helping people – especially entrepreneurs – substantially grow their businesses

With the rise in the number of business entrepreneurs in the UK, Business coaching involves helping entrepreneurs to develop an approach that puts them in the best place to succeed. this includes:

This is a specialised type of coaching and is usually related to organisational goals and processes and overcoming limitations. However, the main emphasis is on changing the mindset of business executives and motivating them to adopt fresh perspectives on problems and challenges.

One-to-One Coaching for Executives

This is also a form of business coaching but is provided on a one-to-one basis. There can be several different types of one-to-one executive coaching that include hard core business coaching, as well other holistic coaching.

The coaching may involve stress management and the promotion of a better work-life balance. Increasing levels of stress and pressure is a source of continuing concern to UK health authorities. The rigours of corporate life and the strain of deadlines, meetings and outcomes can all negatively affect our sense of wellbeing and impact our minds and bodies in destructive ways. One-to-one coaching can help executives and employees deal with work-related pressures and improve their work-life balance. Executives often experience stress, and this leads to an extremely uneven work-life balance.

How we can help:

Executive coaching usually covers goal-setting, planning, control, action and achievement but also often includes personal exploration and discovery.

As a life coach, we can help by:

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